Conference Objective

The theme for ICCEIB 2022 is “Establishment of Sustainable Technological Solution for Industry and Society”. This conference is designed to disseminate the latest research findings and advances in the chemical engineering and industrial biotechnology area to society. Specifically, focusing on demand, supplies, storage, and transportation issues in food, energy, and water nexus. These areas have become high concerns to the private sector, researchers, academics, industrialists and policy makers.

The term Food (F), Energy (E), Water (W) will be maintained as the tagline since it has become the trademark of the conference and due to the significant of these areas in the society.

Specifically, the ICCEIB 2022 aims to:
  • To provide a platform to the academic scientists and researchers to exchange and share their experience in Chemical and Biotechnology through presentation and publication mechanism.
  • To highlight the technological application experiences and solutions for the food, energy and water concerns towards commercialisation and wealth generation for the nation.
  • To provide opportunities for discussion and information sharing platform for researchers from various organizations, investors, and industrialists regarding their finding, technology, policies and services.

Who are invited to join this conference?

Experts and scholars from various areas of specialization such as engineering, technology and scientist will be invited to present their research work and share their experience in the field of chemical engineering and biotechnology industries. Interested researchers from all over Malaysia as well as participants from around the world will be invited to attend this conference as oral communicators, research paper presenter, participant or as a speaker, especially (keynote speaker).

Expected a total of 150 participants will attend the conference.